Things to Do in Nashville This Summer to Stay Fit on a Budget

Whatever you’re saving money for, keeping fit and healthy with plenty of outdoor exercise on a budget is easy in Nashville. Going out to get fresh air, sunlight, plenty of walking, and even more vigorous aerobic exercise is one of the most confidently recommended good health practices, by health professionals in every domain, for every aspect of human health.

Whether you’re new to Nashville because you just moved here recently, or you’re a Nashville native looking for something to jog your mind about where to jog in Nashville on a budget, here are four ideas that might make your day this summer.

Be sure to wear good footwear and take good care of your feet out there.

Walk or Jog or Throw A Frisbee - Nashville Parks and Monuments ($0)

One easy way to get in those steps outside on a gorgeous day is to go to one of Nashville’s many parks and stroll or power walk your way around for a while.

Nashville Metro Parks and Recreations service has many public parks and monuments maintained free of charge to the public.

They have either lots or enormous amounts of space to walk in, and walkways and areas to get in a good stroll or hike. They’re also pet friendly.

Nashville’s Board of Parks and Recreation also maintains dog parks to bring your dog for some exercise too. Just be sure to find the park rules online and follow the rules.

Bicentennial Mall Capitol State Park is a great park to get in some walking while viewing the memorials. It’s got a long design, so it’s good for doing long laps around at your leisure.

A farmer’s market across the street makes a great place to stop for a healthy snack. It’s also a short walk away from the capitol grounds and War Memorial.

Centennial Park is Nashville’s majestic rolling hill park with walk trails and playgrounds, with a full scale replica of the ancient Greek Parthenon as its centerpiece.

Nashville’s waterfront at Cumberland Park is a charming place to get outside and go for a walk. Check online for the events schedule as there are often events as well.

Radnor Lake makes for a beautiful forest getaway stroll on an official nature reserve with rewarding wildlife encounters. Go at sunset for the best chance of seeing the deer.

Side of Exotic Animals With Your Walking and Fresh Air? - Nashville Zoo Day Pass ($16 - $23)

You don’t need a season pass to go to the Nashville Zoo and walk around to get your exercise while seeing all the wild animal exhibits.

A day pass to the Nashville Zoo is only $16 - $23 depending on the day, and four dollars off the adult price for children ages 2 - 12. For babies under 2 it’s free to get some outdoor time and see all the animals at the Nashville Zoo. This is a good way for parents and kids to relax and get some exercise at the same time as learning and having fun.

The zoo was Tennessee’s top paid attraction in 2014.

These Will Keep You On Your Toes - Walking Tours of Nashville ($0 - $84)

Another way to get out and see Nashville while staying moving and getting some pleasant, light aerobic exercise, is bust out the sneakers and go on a walking tour of Nashville.

These range from free to paid tours. They can get pricey especially if you’re doing a lengthy bar crawl, but at least in that case you’re getting some exercise with your beer.

Another way to get your exercise in to stay fit while enjoying a cheat night to have some beer, is the Nashville pedal bar tours, which are $45 per person.

There are many free, self-guided audio tours of Nashville historic sites online. You can listen to these on your earbuds and walk the guided tour as you listen.

Live guided tours are also ongoing for $20, $25, $30, and $35 a person. They won’t break the bank, and are a fun way to see the city and get to know its history while going for a good walk.

Have Fun While Getting Exercise and Sunlight - Nashville Shores ($41)

A great way to spend a summer day in middle Tennessee, getting plenty of exercise, sunlight, fresh air, and fun, is to go to Nashville Shores water park to swim and ride the slides.

Playing in the water is a fantastic way to get fit. Not only does it require a lot of energy to swim, or even to paddle water or stand in line for a slide, but the water also puts an extra thermal tax on the body’s energy to stay warm, even on a hot day, making it burn calories like crazy.

That’s why Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimming phenomenon, had to consume north of 12,000 calories a day. All the time spent in the water is extremely calorie depleting.

But many people are anxious or hesitant to go into the water at public water parks or swimming pools because they have feet that look gnarly for some reason or another.

If your feet have any problems that won’t go away, or you’re not sure how to fix them yourself, contact one of the podiatrists on our website, and someone will be happy to help you.