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Therese Tlapek, D.P.M.
West Nashville / White Bridge Road
Call: 615.353.0626
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Dr. Therese Tlapek has provided podiatric care for all ages and foot types at the same Nashville location since 1987. She also performs surgery and is on staff at St. Thomas Hospital and St. Thomas Surgicare outpatient.

She graduated in 1986 from the Dr. William M. Scholl college of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, IL and performed a surgical residency at the Baptist Memorial Specialty Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Her undergraduate studies were at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO, and Houston Baptist University in Houston, TX.

Dr. Tlapek is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Tennessee Podiatric Medicine, and Middle Tennessee Podiatric Association.

Dr. Tlapek is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery since 1995 and continues to perform all re-certification requirements to maintain Board Certification in surgery.

Dr. Tlapek's friendly and efficient office staff makes an office visit a pleasant experience. Most all insurances are welcome and quick filing procedures ensure rapid reimbursements.

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This time of year everybody is on their feet more.

Keep the following in mind, and if you have any questions about your feet, don't hesitate to contact your local Nashville Podiatrist!

Ingrown Toenails

People that fiddle with pesky ingrown toenails can worsen their condition leading to bacterial and fungal infection.

A quick, minor in-office surgical procedure can relieve the pain and prevent infections:

  • Local block of affected toe
  • Sterile equipment
  • Consideration for aesthetics
  • Postoperative follow up

Plantar Fasciitis

This is one of the most common podiatric conditions, and if it's left untreated, this can actually result in weight gain and time missed from work:

  • Proper education in daily foot care
  • In-office treatment with heel injections
  • Outpatient surgical procedures

Bunions / Hammertoes / Metatarsal Pain

Patients plagued with painful bony malformations seek podiatric treatment to help with both the appearance and the pain associated with daily activities and difficulties finding comfortable shoe gear:

  • In-office palliative treatment to relieve pain from corns and callouses
  • Custom made orthotics and shoe gear to accommodate deformities
  • Outpatient surgical procedures to correct deformities

Diabetes and Arthritis

Systemic conditions can lead to foot diseases that result in life threatening loss of limb and immobility:

  • Early detection and regular podiatric care can keep patients feet in healthy shape throughout a lifetime of systemic conditions.

Therese Tlapek, D.P.M.
West Nashville / White Bridge Road
Call: 615.353.0626
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