Toenail Fungus Pictures - Before and After Laser Treatment

These actual photos of fungal toenails before and after laser treatment for toenail fungus are courtesy of Cutera GenesisPlus Laser and NuvoLase PinPointe Laser.

The little face doodles were obviously just added to the toenails because I wanted to make them cute and funny, but the dramatic improvement in the toenail's appearance is very real.

It was accomplished with a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved toenail fungus laser treatment.

35 million Americans suffer from toenail fungus, which can cause toenails to turn yellow, thicken, and become brittle.

Assuming most people have ten toes, that means as many as 350 million American toes look sad and uncomfortable like in these before pictures :(

Your toenails can catch fungal infections in common places like the gym, swimming pools, and at nail salons. They may cause pain and are often embarrassing.

If your toenails are infected, there is a new solution to make them healthy and beautiful again: laser therapy, a fast treatment that takes only 20 minutes to perform, requires no anesthesia, and there is no downtime following the procedure.

So both you and your toenails will be happy :)

You know this little piggy is happy he didn't stay home when the other little piggies went in for their laser treatment.

Nashville Foot and Ankle Group has two board-certified podiatrists that provide fungal toenails with the laser treatment they need to look and feel better.

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