Is it time to get my bunion fixed?

When should my podiatrist fix my bunion?  This question is best answered by helping you evaluate your situation. Many factors need to be taken into consideration in order to choose the optimum window of time to undergo the rewarding surgical procedure to correct a bunion. To list just a few "things to consider" and help you make up your mind:

  • What is your level of discomfort? Daily pain is unacceptable, pain that stops you from engaging in activities that define you i.e., exercise programs, sporting activities, playing with your children, or pain that prevents you from finding any shoes that can be comfortably worn.
  • What is your general all over level of health? A healthy patient recovers much quicker and with fewer post-operative visits to your podiatrist. Age can play a roll in the quality of your bone stock and affect the speed of post-operative recovery. Bone quality does diminish with age.
  • What important life events are on your calendar? If you are expecting to attend an event and do not want to be wearing a surgical boot, plan ahead. Most types of surgical bunion procedures require 4-6 weeks in a boot or special shoe.