Things to Know Before Moving to Nashville

1. It’s Not Country Music City, It’s Music City

Many people around the world regard Nashville as the Country Music Capital of the World, and it’s famous globally for its country music heritage. But Nashville isn’t just Country Music City. It’s Music City. The recording industry supports so many genres for professional album production, marketing, and distribution. The live music scene caters to every kind of music fan. And there is an endless stream of live music available at venues all over the city.

2. It’s Not Hard to Be a Vegan or Vegetarian in Nashville

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian and wondering is it easy to be a vegan in Nashville, or vegetarian? No worries. It’s easy. There are so many vegan and vegetarian options from Greek, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean restaurants, to Asian restaurants, and ethnic grocers with fresh, really nice produce as well as organic grocery stores to buy healthy, organic vegan and vegetarian food. Some of the Krogers have a nice bean and olive bar, with an excellent selection of cheeses.

3. The Nashville Arts Go Beyond Music

It’s not just music that can be found for the sensitive and beautiful soul residing or staying for a time in Nashville. The city is host to a flourishing art community, with the Frist museum displaying world famous and universally treasured exhibits throughout the year, and Nashville has a symphony as well. Sure that’s still music, but it’s classical music performed by a live orchestra in a beautiful concert hall for a very classy and enlightening night out. Nashville also has a thriving fashion scene, and nice boutiques and malls to shop at as well as local designers.

4. Don’t Mind The Ancient Greek Architecture

Yeah, if you’re driving around downtown, you may suddenly go over a hill and bam, the majestic visage of the ancient Greek Parthenon of Athens suddenly graces the horizon. You’re not seeing things that aren’t there. That’s the city’s full scale replica of the Parthenon in Centennial Park downtown. Nashville is a very cultured city, with a deep appreciation for the wonders and wisdom of antiquity left to the modern world.

5. Nashville Is Also A Medical Hub

Nashville isn’t just a bunch of string-plucking, singing, drinking, partying folks, they many enjoy a good drink and most know how to celebrate. The city is a work horse with some major power house industries, including the medical industry, which has a strong base of business in Nashville. Vanderbilt and Meharry medical centers perform research and treat patients from all over. National Fortune 500 medical firms have bases of operation in Nashville and employee many of the city’s people to practice and support the medical industry.

6. Nashvillians Take Their Sports Seriously

The city is host to both an NFL team, the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium, and an NFL team, the Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena. Nashville also has a triple-A rated baseball team, the Nashville Sounds, with a very nice stadium downtown.

7. Music CIty Has a Symphony of Eateries

The city is a treasure trove of alimentive as well as aural delights. In fact it’s an absolute paradise for foodies, with delicious cuisine of all kinds in new restaurants popping up as fast as the city grows. Everything from good sushi, to delicious New York style pizzas and delicatessens, to Nashville hot chicken can be found all over the city.

8. It’s A Major Tech Hub

Nashville is also host to some serious tech industry muscle, with many major IT firms operating in the city, and many high tech startups attracted to the city’s low costs of living and doing business, and its business friendly policies, as well as venture support from startup accelerators and a growing venture capital and angel investor community.

9. There’s No Substantial Mass Transportation

Nashville is not a mass transportation city. There’s no subway. There are buses, but it’s not really like larger cities with substantial mass transit support for the public. Unless you live very close to work and shopping / leisure centers you want to visit, you will probably need a car to live comfortably in Nashville so you don’t run up that Uber bill too high.

10. Nashvillians Are Super Friendly

The city is growing fast, but it’s still a small city at heart. The way the people feel, the way they interact and treat each other, people in Nashville are very warm and welcoming, friendly people. Many of them are people of faith. Most of them are just sociable and kind, compassionate and polite. Nashvillians will look you in the eye and smile and talk to you.